Weld Australia

Digital: CRM, Websites & Applications

Technology: Care, Security, Cloud


Client Description:

As the not-for-profit organisation representing the members of the welding profession in Australia, Weld Australia provides its members with a competitive advantage through access to industry, research, education, certification, government, and the wider industrial community.

Client Requirements:   

As well as a website, membership portal and online shop, Weld Australia required a CRM system to help manage their memberships, sales, training events and conferences with a view to retaining and growing their membership base.  Additionally, it requires updates to its digital components as well as cloud, security and care for its technology base.

How we helped:

We enabled the growth of their business by providing CRM as a Service, which includes modules to manage memberships, events and training. We also developed a membership portal for members to be able to renew their memberships, update their information and register for training and other events and an e-commerce website from which members can purchase technical notes, manuals and leading-practice welding information.  We provide regular updates for both digital and technology services to Weld Australia.

Key Results: 

Weld Australia relies heavily on its CRM and websites systems and their timely care.  Mixolutionz focuses on servicing their requests rapidly and efficiently, keeping security current and developing enhancements to enable their future business requirements. Using CRM, Weld Australia maintains a large customer base across Australia and has recently held 34 both Weld Australia and sponsored events.