Our Digital Marketing is focused on delivering client value today using evolutions in marketing expected through 20201:  via the top marketing channels to deliver a great customer experience across multiple technologies.

Mixolutionz provides digital marketing services to reach, acquire, maintain and grow your customer base. We team with you – always concentrating on your digital strategy and required outcomes – to understand and shape your marketing campaign requirements. We do this with structured, outcome-focused methods which provide the traceability that you expect and need to your expected Return on Investment.  Our offerings include:

Paid search

Often called PPC (pay per click), this marketing model works by an advertiser (in this case you) paying a website owner a fee each time an ad is clicked.  In this way you are buying visits to your site.  The most popular type of PPC is search engine advertising on sites like Google, Bing or Yahoo.  We advise, shape and optimally manage our clients’ bid campaigns and budgets using target-market-relevant keywords that rank on Google Analytics.  When your bid wins, the results prioritize traffic to your website to drive up your Return on Investment.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the set of activities that affect the ranking of a website when using organic or earned – rather than paid –  searches. The appearance of your website early and often in search results leads to optimally reaching and acquiring new customers.  We provide our clients with both off-page and on-page SEO service packages.  Our on-page SEO focuses on audit, research and identifying and adding the right keywords, titles, headlines and modifiers for your brands, coupled with Google Analytics content and speed optimization.  Our off-page SEO focuses on Google Analytics results and action to help achieve and maintain your desired rankings through the creation of new and relevant content, and link acquisition.

Social Media Marketing

Our SMM is focused on digitally marketing your brand by doing the right things using legal and ethical methods.  We provide SMM strategy advice focused on desired outcomes and metrics and earned –  rather than paid –  searches. The right platforms to achieve the goals are chosen, followed by creation of profiles and accounts and integration.  We then post content – either provided by you or created by our team – and use analytics to adjust and sharpen the campaign’s focus and outcomes.

Content Creation and Editing

For each of the above marketing services we can create well-crafted digital marketing content for you or provide post-editing of content provided by you in either expert Australian, Filipino or US English, or also in German. This will ensure that your content is grammatically perfect while reflecting the style of your brand and website.

Email blast

We offer a CRM-linked mailing platform to proactively reach large numbers of your customers and prospects with the right marketing and promotional messages.