Hotel & Spa Essentials

Digital: Websites and Applications, SEO

Technology: Care, Security, Cloud


Client Description:

Established in 2002, Hotel and Spa Essentials Inc. (H&SE) offers a wide range of products for the hotel bed and bathroom together with the hotel spa.

Products such as guest amenities, towels, linens, bed and bathroom equipment are chosen to minimize their effect on the environment and to live up to H&SE’s vision of “Saving the Planet One Guest at a Time”.

Client Requirements:  

For improved digital marketing, H&SE needed to refresh both its website design and content to better showcase its products and also to ensure that the website ranked highly in online searches.  Also, they needed to improve website security and maintenance.

How we helped:

Mixolutionz worked closely with H&SE to redesign their website.  An innovative and easy-to-use website design incorporates all the required features and functions to enable H&SE to reach, retain and grow their customer base.  We built and launched their new website, which is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers and all mobile devices.  We also embedded the right SEO keywords during the build to ensure consistently high ranking in search results.

Key Results

Ensuring that H&SE ranks at or near the top of organic search results allows them to reach new customers. The new website design and content ensures that new visitors are converted into customers and that current customers are retained.

Mixolutionz provides care of the website, updating security and enhancing the site as required.  Our SEO services use Google Analytics to ensure that H&SE continuously ranks high in organic search results.