Your digital technology, vision, and strategy needs to be driven from and tightly linked to your business direction and targets. This is the basic and vital initial step when a company decides to refresh its digital marketing strategy. By developing your digital technology strategy up front, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is working towards the same goals.

While each client’s needs vary, most of our strategy work defines “the what” and “the how” in addition to “how much.”  We work with you to develop and articulate your entire digital technology and marketing strategy and bring them to life by assisting you to secure executive and/or board level approval.  By complementing your digital technology strategy with strong frameworks to ensure optimum execution, we define the most appropriate architectures and governance, with objective measurements to plan and track your progress.


Mixolutionz’ Vision and Digital Technology Strategy services assist you in describing your overarching direction, specifically engaging your leadership so that the vision is closely aligned to your organization’s direction.  Using your organization’s business strategy, coupled with your vision, we help describe your long-term direction and targets and socialize them with key stakeholders, including the roadmap, timing and investments needed to hit those targets.


We also create Architectures aligned with your Digital Strategy.  Our definition of architecture covers designing and describing business and digital services using a set of components as well as their interrelationships. It also describes how relevant tech components (services, data, hardware and software) come together with human capabilities, processes and providers to enable your direction.


Our IT Governance framework has 10 essential dimensions – which may be implemented singly – to provide rigor around making and enforcing the right decisions for your Digital Technology.  They cover the full spectrum from tightening the link of IT to business direction through continuous improvements of technology service delivery.  They are underpinned by Performance Management, which describes the right Key Performance Indicators and processes to objectively measure your Digital Strategy success.